Montgomery ISD Premier Praise Page: July – August 2021

Every month, Montgomery ISD celebrates the extraordinary contributions of our teachers and staff through “Gold Cards.” Those new to MISD may find themselves asking, “What exactly IS a Gold Card? Why would I give one? HOW do I give one?”

Gold Cards are officially titled, “The Premier Card.” They are a tangible way for any Montgomery ISD staff member to recognize a fellow employee for something specific or just general praise. It is left entirely up to the one submitting the card. You can find the cards in various locations throughout every MISD campus or department facility. After the card is completed, they are submitted to campus or district administration. Upon submission, the cards are forwarded to MISD Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison. He then reads them, signs them, and sends them back to the campus where the recipient of the gold card is recognized.

As we kicked off the 2021-2022 school year, many MISD employees celebrated their fellow MISD employees through those precious gold cards. Below are recipients of gold recognition cards for July and August. Congratulations!