Oak Hills Lemonade Brigade is making teachers smile on Friday afternoons

Friday afternoons at Oak Hills JH will do more than clench your thirst. It’s refreshing to your soul. Students in Mrs. Nispel’s Life Skills and Functional Academics Science class take the halls and deliver pre-ordered lemonade to staff around campus.

“Each kid has a job,” Mrs. Nispel said. “From learning how to knock on the door correctly to accepting cash and tips and even being the one to offer the straw. They all have a role and they take real ownership of it.”

Mrs. Nispel had this science class first period last year and used MISD Education Foundation grant earnings to purchase the carts and supplies to start the Lion’s Grind, selling coffee to staff each Friday morning. Due to schedule changes this year, she had to think around the coffee plan. With t-shirt donations from an OHJH staff member and new wraps for the cart made for them as well, they were ready to teach the kids how to make and sell lemonade.

Students measure and stir the lemonade and are in charge of getting the carts setup as well. When 8th period begins, they have their uniform on and list in hand and are ready to deliver. Additional students called Lion Leaders attend this class daily to support the learning of the Life Skills’ students.

“Our Lion Leaders are a huge help on Fridays,” Mrs. Nispel said. “They carry the cash tray and help my students make it through the delivery list efficiently with their guidance and patience. These helpers are just a wonderful part of this program!”

“”Having the kids sell lemonade and the coffee last year is a great connection time for our entire campus,” Oak Hills JH Principal Tim Williams said. “The teachers get a cold drink, but more importantly the interaction is positive and encouraging for all of our lions. It’s a reminder that we are all in this together.”

And when the work is done, the students enjoy a sweet bit of lemonade themselves. Next on the list is adding a yummy treat to the beverage cart and one of Mrs. Nispel’s students, Molly Messecar, believes the addition should be lemon bars, of course!

Oak Hills JH students honor their custodial staff for Custodian Appreciation Day

Counselors at Oak Hills JH visited classrooms this week to discuss the very important topic of respect. The discussion covered respect for their school, each other, and themselves.

With October 2nd being National Custodian’s Day, the counselors developed an action plan for students to show their respect and appreciation for the very people that work hard every single day to keep their campus beautiful, clean, and safe. The students were asked to each write a note of thanks to their custodians, and if possible, donate $1 to give them to show how much we love and appreciate them.

The students of Oak Hills came through, and in a big way! The campus currently has 1,153 students and collectively, they donated $1,155!! The notes of thanks and monetary gifts were presented to them in the Oak Hills Library on Friday, with staff and students there to celebrate them.