Campus “Hustle Projects” continue to be completed with support of local businesses

Montgomery ISD continues to be so very thankful for the commitment our local business partners have to supporting the students and staff in our district!

In April 2021, the Montgomery ISD Education Foundation hosted the first Together We Grow Community Fundraiser and presented each campus with the opportunity to win a campus grant to pay for a “hustle project” of the principal’s choice. A fun competition took place between the campuses selling hustle tickets to their campus families and community members in order to have their campus’ hustle project funded.

Oak Hills JH and Lone Star ES were the two grant winners at the event, earning grants from the Montgomery ISD Education Foundation to fund an outdoor learning space (OHJH) and a book vending machine (LSE). After attending the event and seeing each campus’ wish, local Montgomery businesses began to work with the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce to help fund the wishes of other campuses. Six of the eight other hustle projects have been completed or funded by local area businesses.

A delivery of gravel to the garden at Stewart Creek ES happened over the summer, thanks to a generous donation of labor and supply from Hauser Land Services.

In August, Keenan ES and Montgomery ES both received donations for their hustle project wish. Woodmen Life Insurance donated beautiful benches for the garden at Keenan ES and Coco Phillips and Pat Prein with Coffee News gave a financial donation for a book vending machine at Montgomery ES.

This month two more campus hustle projects were completed at both Lake Creek HS and Lincoln ES. Dan and Debby Dykes of Network in Action donated a sonic-style ice machine to the faculty and staff of Lake Creek HS and Dr. Mariana Coconu of Lakeside Dental Practice donated money for the purchase of water bottle refilling stations around campus at Lincoln ES.

Montgomery JH has received a donation from Pam Westlake Realty to provide new computers for the students use and that photo will be shared when the computers arrive on campus.

Montgomery ISD wants to thank the Montgomery ISD Education Foundation for the start of the hustle project idea, as well as the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce for connecting our business partners with our schools and helping to get these gifts for our students and staff. Montgomery ISD is on #onepathtogether with our community partners!

Keenan Elementary Takes on the Great Kindness Challenge

This week, Mrs. Wunderlich, Keenan School Counselor, challenged the entire campus to spread kindness like confetti. As usual, Keenan Lions found some very creative ways to show their kindness.

Mrs. Bagwell’s 4th grade class starts each morning with a “Peace Circle” and the theme for this week was “Glorious Kindness”. Each student has the opportunity to share an act of kindness they witnessed the day before. For example they might say, “Tyler showed kindness when he helped Mrs. Bagwell pick up the scoot cards at the end of the activity.”

The fabulous 5th grade Student Council shared fun ideas for spreading kindness on the morning announcements. They suggested things such as leave a kind note, read to a friend, or even share a fun chant or dance!

Mrs. Taylor, Keenan librarian, took this opportunity to teach the Lions about kindness, and compassion.

K-2 students read Charlie the Caterpillar by Dom De Luise, which is about a caterpillar that gets left out because he’s ugly. Animals only want to be his friend when he turns into a beautiful butterfly. We discussed that beauty comes from within and then decorated butterflies.

Grades 3-5 read The Butterfly by Patricia Polacco, which is set during WWII. We lightly discussed this sad time in our history and then the students decorated their butterflies to symbolize hope, kindness, and freedom.

Keenan ES 1st Grade Remote Learners Are Hands-On

Katelyn Watkins, 1st grade remote teacher at Keenan ES, utilized recent weather as a teachable moment to instruct her students in the properties of the wind. After making their very own windsocks, she challenged her students to post a picture or video of themselves with their windsocks. These young students made incredibly effective windsocks and were able to demonstrate them very well!

You can watch one of the videos made a student here!