Lake Creek Senior performing her way to the Grammy Ballot

Attend any Lake Creek HS choir or theater program and one special voice is going to stand out and impress. Lake Creek senior Lexi Delahoussaye has been performing and singing since she was just four years old, when her parents first realized she was made for the stage.

“Since she was little, her singing and confidence has always left people in awe,” Lexi’s father Todd Delahoussaye said. “It does me too, but I’m most impressed with the hard-working perfectionist that has the innate ability to sing directly to your heart and soul.”

After moving to Louisiana at age seven, Lexi started with a vocal coach and joined a singing group that performed at various venues, while also participating in Community Theater programs with her local church. Her father’s favorite performance was when Lexi was just seven, in which she sang the National Anthem, spur of the moment, at a company Clay Shoot in front of 2000 adults, leaving the audience speechless.

Coming back to Texas in sixth grade, Lexi began her journey as a choir student in Montgomery ISD and has worked under several MISD choir directors, having attended Montgomery Middle School, Montgomery JH, Oak Hills JH and Lake Creek HS. She is now a student in two varsity level choir classes and also serves one class period as assistant to LCHS Choir Director, Mr. Cameron Carnley. She says that her most influential person in her music career is Mr. Carnley and his slogan that “We Sing to Inspire” is something she will carry with her always.

“Lexi is talented, but beyond that she is extremely hard-working and humble,” Carnley said. “She wants our programs to truly be the best and loves to learn by accepting constructive criticism. She is kind and intelligent and it is truly a gift to be able to teach her.”

As a freshman at Lake Creek HS, Lexi was a member of the school’s first theater team, helping lead the team to State in UIL One Act Play and earning 5A State Best Performer for her lead role as Becca in Rabbit Hole, in which the team placed seventh. She has continued to lead the theater program with lead roles in other plays including Vintage Hitchcock and The Memory of Water, as well as playing the iconic role of Miss Scarlet in the fall production of Clue and The Ghost of Christmas Past in their current production, A Christmas Carol.

“Lexi is one of those students who is not only superbly talented, but she has the strong work ethic to match,” Lake Creek HS Theater Director Robert Ramirez said. “At the end of every rehearsal she asks if there is anything that needs to be done. She clearly has a deep love and respect for the theatrical process and that comes across in everything she does.”

In addition to school theater, Lexi has been with Main Stage Productions and Class-Act Productions, with roles in plays including Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beauty and the Beast. When asked who her biggest fan is, she didn’t hesitate to say it is her dad, who is always encouraging her and challenging her to try new things.

“Lexi is an old soul,” Mr. Delahoussaye said. “Her ability to display emotion, whether singing or acting, blows my mind. I must have seen her in Rabbit Hole 20 times her freshman year, and it got me every time!”

Lexi Delahoussaye stars as Becca in Rabbit Hole, in which she was awarded 5A State of Texas Best Actress in a One Act Play. Pictured with her is co-star Samuel Irving in the role of Howie.

Last year, at just 17 years old, Lexi joined the Sarah Kelly music school and would participate in “Singing on the Lawn” in Market Street, performing for local crowds. Her father encouraged her to take a songwriting class and with the support of Kendal Mays, Lexi wrote the lyrics to her first solo, Watercolor Memories. It was produced by Jonas Ekman (Sweekman) and released on the school’s own record label, Sweekman Artists. The school submitted the song for consideration in the “Best Pop Solo Performance” category for the 2022 Grammy Awards and it appeared on the Grammy Ballot. Though it did not get an official nomination among the names Justin Beiber, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande, it is a huge accomplishment for a young student trying out song-writing for the first time.

Lexi is looking forward to studying Musical Theater in college. She has been accepted to each school that she has applied to and is narrowing down her choices based on their Musical Theater programs, knowing that the stage is where her passion lies.

“Lexi is talented, yes. But she is also a pleasant individual with great ideas,” Ramirez continued. “Because of that, you just want to work with her, and I think that will serve her well as she begins her journey into the professional world of acting and performance.”