Keenan Elementary Knows the Rules of Tetherball

Bobbi Jo Wells and Melissa Grisham, Keenan’s PE teachers announced that Tetherball was coming to Keenan! These ladies have gone over rules, etiquette, and procedures with all grades (Kinder-5th) in PE. This is a new, fun game for the Keenan Lions. To actually see students using things learned in the classroom or in the gym is very inspiring. By teaching etiquette as well as rules, these educators have impacted students’ physical activity and their social-emotional growth! Students and teachers think this is awesome!!

Keenan STEM Classes Hatch a Dozen Eggs

This week all grade levels at Keenan Elementary had the opportunity to watch a dozen eggs hatch into live chicks. They learned terms such as candling, pipping, unzipping, and breaking out. Maria Smith, STEM Specials teacher, took on the responsibility of keeping the eggs at the appropriate temperature and rolling them at the appropriate times to make sure they developed into healthy chicks. She also taught all grade levels about the entire incubation process. Everyone has been so excited to watch this life process. Seeing these things happen in real-life is so exciting!

Keenan Elementary believes in M.A.G.I.C.