Keenan Elementary Takes on the Great Kindness Challenge

This week, Mrs. Wunderlich, Keenan School Counselor, challenged the entire campus to spread kindness like confetti. As usual, Keenan Lions found some very creative ways to show their kindness.

Mrs. Bagwell’s 4th grade class starts each morning with a “Peace Circle” and the theme for this week was “Glorious Kindness”. Each student has the opportunity to share an act of kindness they witnessed the day before. For example they might say, “Tyler showed kindness when he helped Mrs. Bagwell pick up the scoot cards at the end of the activity.”

The fabulous 5th grade Student Council shared fun ideas for spreading kindness on the morning announcements. They suggested things such as leave a kind note, read to a friend, or even share a fun chant or dance!

Mrs. Taylor, Keenan librarian, took this opportunity to teach the Lions about kindness, and compassion.

K-2 students read Charlie the Caterpillar by Dom De Luise, which is about a caterpillar that gets left out because he’s ugly. Animals only want to be his friend when he turns into a beautiful butterfly. We discussed that beauty comes from within and then decorated butterflies.

Grades 3-5 read The Butterfly by Patricia Polacco, which is set during WWII. We lightly discussed this sad time in our history and then the students decorated their butterflies to symbolize hope, kindness, and freedom.