Montgomery Junior High Celebrates Black History Month

The month of February is designated as Black History Month.  February was chosen because Frederick Douglas, a writer and black abolitionist, was born in February.  Black History Month is a time to reflect on the plight for equality and those that fought for it.  Montgomery Junior High teacher and coach, Edgar Straughter, teamed up with Bear Buzz to create an informational episode for the students of MJH.  In the video, he shared his experience of transitioning from a segregated school to an integrated one.  He spoke of the struggles and the compromises from both sides that eventually lead to the success of integrated schools. Later in the month, Coach Straughter visited the 8th grade history classes and shared his high school yearbook.  In the 1972 Willis yearbook, he won “Best Looking Black”.  The students were shocked to see the reality of a history they had only heard about.  8th grade student, John Freed, had this to say, “I knew about segregation, but I had never actually seen it”.  It is said that history experienced is best remembered. The students who heard Coach Straughter’s firsthand experiences will not soon forget.