Oak Hills Destination Imagination Team Advances to the Global Competition Making MISD History! 

This year, Oak Hills Junior High had one Destination Imagination team consisting of: Aubry Clevenger, Dillon Hight, Noelle Potee, Matthew Fitzgerald, Taylor Spier, Kimberly Boyd, Robby Boyd, and managed by teacher, Mrs. Wendy Jebousek. 

The team, competing in the Middle Level of the SCIENTIFIC category, was challenged with the task of creating a documentary featuring the story line of a Scientific Law which was broken.  The team chose to focus on the Laws of Thermodynamics and spent hours learning about the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics, Absolute Zero, Perfect Crystals, as well as script writing, various documentary techniques, and editing. 

At the Southeast 6 Regional Competition in February, the team placed 2nd in the Scientific category, qualifying them to advance to state.  In April, the team competed in the Lone Star State Finals where they placed 4th and qualified for the next level.  They will now submit their “Team Challenge” and “Fast Flex Challenge” at the Destination Imagination Global competition in late June against teams from the United States and 13 other countries. This is the first time MISD has had a team advance to Globals!

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