Lincoln ES First Graders Learn There’s More to Math!

Lincoln’s first graders have been learning about want, needs, spending, and saving, and charitable giving

They put their heads together and came up with a great idea to help a local animal shelter by collecting donations to deliver. All donations will be accepted and delivered to Mrs. White’s classroom. They would love all the help they can get in the delivery of donations as well.

Some of the ideas the first graders came up with are:

dog/cat food


old/new blankets


chew toys

water bowls


The best part about this is, it has all been student driven.. The brainstorming, poster hung in the hallways, spreading the word on live announcements and the hundreds of ideas to help these animals in need has been ALL ON THEM! We are so proud of their giving hearts! Check out the video of these kiddos practicing before going on live announcements for the entire to school to watch-

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