Lone Star Elementary Celebrates our Veterans

Lone Star fourth graders honored our Veterans with a patriotic performance led by our music teacher, Andrea Gauthier. During the program, cards created by students were passed out to Veterans during the Armed Forces Salute medley. Art teacher, Stacy Ritchie, transformed the entrance into a Wall of Honor as our guests made their way to their seats.

To our men and women in uniform, past and present, God Bless and Thank you.

Lone Star ES holds mock student job fair

Lone Star~Second Graders Release Painted Lady Butterflies

For the past three weeks Mrs. Williams & Mrs. Kuykendall have opened their classrooms up to some new friends, the Painted Lady Butterflies. Second grade students observed the different life cycle stages of the butterfly as they underwent complete metamorphosis. They discovered and documented the physical and behavioral changes that a butterfly goes through. On Friday, they were able to complete the unit by releasing their Painted Lady Butterflies into the garden.

Lone Star Elementary Wins Grant

The families of Lone Star Elementary have always rallied to support our campus, but they took it next level in order to help Dr. Bartlett win! This past Saturday night the MISD Education Foundation hosted it’s first community fundraiser, Together We Grow. At the end of the night, one campus principal would be awarded a $2000 grant, this would be determined by the campus Hustle team that sold the most tickets. In the weeks leading up to the event staff, parents and even the students worked relentlessly and creatively to sell Hustle tickets. Much to everyone’s surprise, at the end of the night the foundation awarded a secondary and a primary campus grant, Lone Star won! Dr. Bartlett will use that grant to purchase a book vending machine so that every student can benefit. Thank you to all of our wonderful families that helped make this possible.

Lone Star student winners of “My American Hero” essay contest

Lake Conroe Area Republican Women had the difficult task of choosing only three winners from LSE for the “My American Hero” essay contest. Essays were heartfelt and inspiring, some students chose historical figures while others honored loved ones that served in the military or is a first responder. Congratulations to all the students that participated in this honorable tradition!

1st- Maddie Gatewood

2nd- Micah Posey

3rd- Jenna Novak

Lone Star Leaders Delve into Discoveries

Dr. Bartlett & the 5th grade Ambassadors prepped for a Leader in Me Lighthouse tour. This group of students will share a few things that reinforce the 7 Habits such as leadership notebooks, art spotlights, grade level WIGs, (Wildly Important Goals) student job fair & so much more!

Mrs. Breckenridge and Ms. Ellis taught kindergartners that W is for wiggly worms when they discovered them in the learning garden!

Lone Star ES ~ A Week of Celebrations!

It was an exciting week at Lone Star Elementary as we celebrated the 100th Day of School with a parade featuring our 1st graders. Kindergarten got in on the action the following day as they enjoyed festivities for the 101st Day of School. To conclude the busy week, Dr. Bartlett and Ms. Lout served up the LSE staff by hosting a tailgating party for all our 1st round draft picks!

Helping Young Minds Grow at Lone Star Elementary

Lone Star ES first graders headed to the garden on a chilly Tuesday morning, eager to see the peas, carrots, kale, lettuce, cabbage and radishes growing. Students learned about the life cycle, reproduction and how to properly plant and grow strawberries. While strawberry growing takes a little more planning and work than, say, cultivating lettuce or beans in the vegetable garden, the rewards are well worth the effort!