The MISD Minute – September 3, 2021

A special message from MISD Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison

New district website coming Tuesday, September 7

Our new district website is officially created and will be LIVE by Tuesday, September 7. We believe this is a critical form of communication with our community and we look forward to the resource it will be as we continue to grow.

Let’s Talk! platform going LIVE with new website rollout

In addition to our new website, Montgomery ISD is also introducing an online customer service solution that will make it easy for our community to reach out to us any time and ensure they receive a timely, accurate response. Let’s Talk! is available wherever and whenever -24 hours a day, seven days a week- from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Communication with families in our district is and will always be a huge priority to the administration in Montgomery ISD. When a parent, student or staff member has a concern, question, or even a suggestion, we want to hear from them. Unlike sending an email, and the time it takes for them to find the email address they think will get them the answer they need, the Let’s Talk! platform will automatically route an inquiry to the person or team at district office that is best suited to respond.

This platform is not just for parents, but is intended for use by students and staff as well. As staff members, you can even share a story of something great going on that you believe we need to know about. When you start a conversation on Let’s Talk!, you will select the category or interest area that best fits your need, and each of them will be assigned to the appropriate staff member or team that can get an answer or response to you quickly. If you want your response to remain anonymous, that’s an option too. We would encourage you to please let us know who you are so that we can respond to you directly, but we understand that some circumstances may help our community of customers to feel more secure when reaching out anonymously. 

When you use Let’s Talk! you will immediately receive a thank-you message upon submission, as well as an email documenting your sent message. As the right person receives your response and takes time to respond accordingly to you, you will be able to carry on a back and forth dialogue with the person or team assigned to your inquiry. Upon completion of that discussion, you will receive an additional email that will ask you to rate your customer experience. This feature of Let’s Talk! is very important to the Montgomery ISD administration team. District leaders will be using this tool to track dialogue responses, evaluate satisfactory ratings given by users, and have access to a real-time dashboard that provides key metrics for understanding and improving the customer service given throughout Montgomery ISD. We want to know that we are serving our community, and serving you well.

Local businesses continue to step up for campus “hustle projects”

In April 2021, the Montgomery ISD Education Foundation hosted our district’s first Together We Grow Community Fundraiser with the support of local businesses and the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. For a fun intra-district competition, each principal presented a campus wish, or “hustle project”. Campuses sold “hustle tickets” benefiting the Education Foundation as part of a competition for a grant intended to fund their project. Oak Hills Junior High and Lone Star ES were the winning campuses in April. Following the event, local Montgomery businesses began to fund other some of the other eight campus hustle projects.

Over the summer, several campuses wishes were granted including water refill stations at Linclon ES, a delivery of gravel to the garden at Stewart Creek ES, and a commitment to purchase a book vending machine at Montgomery ES was made. This week, Dan and Debby Dykes of Network in Action donated a sonic-style ice machine to the faculty and staff of Lake Creek High School!

Montgomery ISD continues to be so very thankful for the commitment our local business partners have to supporting the students and staff in our district.

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