Lincoln ES kicks off Bear-ista delivery service for 2021-22 school year

Ms. Cole and Ms. Kraus’ life skills and functional academics students are making Fridays fabulous at Lincoln ES. Students collect orders for beverages and homemade cookies and deliver to the teachers one Friday per month. For the first Bear-ista delivery this school year, one generous teacher purchased a cookie for every staff member, giving the students even more opportunities to make deliveries and bring a smile to all.

“The Bear-ista program offers many learning opportunities and different ways for kids who may learn differently to shine,” teacher Julia Cole said. “This program allows every student to participate and practice essential social skills while giving more opportunities for growth within the school community, which encourages self-motivation and involvement with peers.”

Wearing their aprons made by Ms. Cole herself, the students were very proud to walk with their peers and make these deliveries. Each item was $1 and students worked to tell the teacher their total, accept their money and make change when needed.

“At Lincoln, we are excited to provide this opportunity for our students to practice financial literacy through real-world experiences,” Lincoln ES Principal Kerri Ashlock said. “Bringing activities like our Bear-ista cart into the school setting motivates our students and provides practical, cognitive, and self-management skills that will extend beyond our students’ time at Lincoln ES.”

As the students are able to make a profit with this program, they hope to use the income to purchase more cooking equipment to help their students learn many valuable life skills, while incorporating academic skills at the same time. The equipment purchased would not just serve the Bear-ista, but would become an integral part of their daily educational program.

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