Oak Hills JH students honor their custodial staff for Custodian Appreciation Day

Counselors at Oak Hills JH visited classrooms this week to discuss the very important topic of respect. The discussion covered respect for their school, each other, and themselves.

With October 2nd being National Custodian’s Day, the counselors developed an action plan for students to show their respect and appreciation for the very people that work hard every single day to keep their campus beautiful, clean, and safe. The students were asked to each write a note of thanks to their custodians, and if possible, donate $1 to give them to show how much we love and appreciate them.

The students of Oak Hills came through, and in a big way! The campus currently has 1,153 students and collectively, they donated $1,155!! The notes of thanks and monetary gifts were presented to them in the Oak Hills Library on Friday, with staff and students there to celebrate them. 

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