Montgomery ISD Campuses “Hustle” for an MISD Education Foundation Grant

It’s Hustle season for all ten MISD campuses and the Montgomery ISD Education Foundation! For the next 25 days, campuses are competing to win a MISDEF grant for a special project they would like to add to their campus.

The Hustle Project competition is part of the upcoming MISDEF Spring Soirée, which is set to take place Saturday, April 23, 2022 on the grounds of the Old Community Center in Historic Montgomery. The event, which is open to the entire community, is the Montgomery ISD Education Foundation’s annual fundraising gala for scholarship and teacher grant programs. At the event, there will be parent hustle teams from each campus selling sponsorship tickets to anyone who wishes to support the cause. The elementary and secondary campus with the most “hustle” will each win a $2,000 grant for their Campus Hustle Project.

“Through these hustle grants, we strive to raise awareness and much needed funds to help with the many needs of all MISD campuses,” MISD Education Foundation Director Tiffany Ortiz said. “While the campuses win the grants, the real winners are the students who benefit from these creative projects designed to enhance their education experiences.”

Ahead of the Spring Soirée, the entire community is invited to join the hustle to support their campus of choice. Here’s how:

  1. Check out the videos below from each campus, featuring administrators sharing their plans for the grant money if their campus wins. You can also view all of them here.
  2. Click this link to purchase (via PayPal) campus sponsorship tickets to help your campus of choice win. This is where the “hustle” happens!
  3. On the same page, you will also have the opportunity to purchase event tickets or take advantage of several sponsorship opportunities.
  4. You are encouraged to share the link and video supporting your campus hustle choice on all your social media platforms. Anyone can purchase tickets to support the hustle and attend the event.
  5. You are also invited to like and follow the MISD Education Foundation Page on Facebook.  Feel free to tag them when posting about the event!
MISDEF Hustle Project Video, Keenan ES
MISDEF Hustle Project Video, Lake Creek HS
MISDEF Hustle Project Video, Lincoln ES
MISDEF Hustle Project Video, Lone Star ES
MISDEF Hustle Project Video, Montgomery ES
MISDEF Hustle Project Video, Montgomery HS
MISDEF Hustle Project Video, Montgomery Jr. HS
MISDEF Hustle Project Video, Madeley Ranch ES
MISDEF Hustle Project Video, Oak Hills Jr. HS
MISDEF Hustle Project Video, Stewart Creek ES